Visualising properties in a Virtual Reality.

About Us

We are Svärd Innovation, a Swedish based visualizing company.

And what do we mean by that? We provide a service helping both the customer and the designer with the tools to get a clearer view of your vision, specializing in all areas of properties.

Our business in one sentence. "It's not an idea until you put it on paper. And then we take that paper and turn it into 3D."

Our goal is to combine the development in technology with contruction and expand the way of viewing different type of properies.

You can get a clearer view of what the final product would look like, before the build has even started.


Our main focus is to make visualisations of different type of properties. Our services can be adapted and used for;
-Renovation projects - Real estate brokers -Developing land

Please contact us with your information and we will do our best to meet your request in the best way possible. Please check out below for our projects. 

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